Library &Information Science Center

  • Library is housed In Shigikeri Bagalkot Campus
  • Seating Capacity :50
  • The SRI Library is a resource centre for teaching, learning & Being the heart of the academic centre, it is home for all the information services. It plays a proactive role in enabling access to information resources of all kind and providing innovative, responsive and effective services to meet the changing needs of the academic community. The major objective of our library is to provide right information/knowledge to the right users at the right time. The Library holds a hybrid collection of printed as well as electronic resources which include books, journals, Online books audio-visuals, CDs/DVDs, e-books, e-journals etc. Currently the library holds over 3000 books, newspapers and magazines.

  • Circulation Service
  • Reference Service
  • Reservation Service
  • Digital Library Service
  • Bibliographic Service
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Selective Dissimination service
  • News paper cliping
  • Books Exhibition Service
  • Computer Lab Facilities Service
  • Digital Library
  • Question paper Bank Service
  • Reprographic Service
  • Library Collections Books No. of Volumes 2500 It has a large collNo. Of Encyclopedias 12 No. Of Dictionaries 22 PERIODICALS Journals 02 General Magazines 20 News Papers 06 NON - BOOK MATERIALS CD- ROMs and DVDs 150