Admissions open for Session 2019-2020
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Indian Culture

The school respects all faiths and wants to share in the joy of festivals being celebrated in the community. The school has introduced – Culture series which is a write up on the the festivals, the customs and traditions and their significance in today's world. Instead of blindly following traditions the true spirit of the festivals needs to be emphasized. The students are given handouts outlining the significance of the festival, such as why is yellu bella distributed on Sankranti, what is the need for Banni leaves to be distributed during Dasara or the need for Zakth for Id Milad. The students are asked to visit a few houses in the neighbourhood and seek the blessing of the senior citizens. Through this the students also understand the concept of a neighbourhood. It helps them to build bridges in the society and not remain isolated.

Community Development Programme

Several initiatives such as surveying the neighbourhood shops, prepare a directory of the same helps in the inculcation of a spirit of service to the community. Adopting senior citizens, coaching with email etiquette or taking them on walks or getting their medicines helps them develop respect for the elders. Adopting a maid and teaching them basics of alphabets and numbers also inculcates the value of dignity of labour.

Forest of Hearts

The world today is more attuned to negatives in life, it is easy to point out the bad but a concerted effort is to directed in appreciating the good and identifying the good. This can only be achieved by consistently pointing the good in all and appreciating the good. The forest of hearts allows students to identify the good act of a friend, a teacher or anyone in the school. They need to record it and a certificate is awarded to the do gooder. These certificates are displayed and constantly updated.

Make a Difference Chain

The students are given 5-10 badges which are smiley badges. They have to give it to their parents and thank them for taking care of them without any expectations. In turn the parents have to pass on t he badges to people who have made a difference in their lives. Thus a chain is set up and it is hoped that it will become a movement in the society.

The ultimate objective is to 'Catch them Right' and develop a positive attitude which would bring in responsibility in the future citizens.