Fee Schedule

  • All the school fees are due in advance and should be paid in 2 installments on or before 10th day of June and November. (Fee can also be paid in single installment for the whole year in advance).
  • The entire fee can be paid in the form of cash / DD or Cheque. Bank charges should be paid for outstation cheques.
  • Fee once paid to the school cannot be adjusted or refunded on any account. Defaulters will be charged a fine of Rs.25 per day for the first 10 days, after which the students name will be removed from the rolls.
  • The student may be re-admitted at the discretion of the Principal or the management, but only after the clearance of all the dues.
  • The receipts issued by the school office for any kind of payments should be preserved and produced when needed by the school office.

    Withdrawls / Cancellation

  • At least a month's notice is required for the withdrawal of the pupil.
  • If a student is unfit to continue in the school, he or she will be removed from the roles.
  • Misbehavior, cruelty towards other students, irregularity of attendance, disrespect to teachers, stealing, improper conduct, etc are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the pupil.
  • In case a child is withdrawn after the commencement of the academic year, he or she will have to pay the term fee before the transfer certificate is issued.
  • The school reserves the right to dismiss students whose fee and other financial dues are not paid in time.


All precautions are taken to protect children from accidents in the school premises. However, in the event of any miss happenings, the school does not accept legal responsibilities. Timely first aid is provided by the school and the pupil involved will be taken to the nearest hospital if necessary and the same will be intimated to the parents at the earliest. No medical expenditure will be borne by the school authorities.