Admissions open for Session 2019-2020
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Extra-Curricular Activities

Music forms a vital part of student life at the SRI Ranganath International School. Each student undergoes a training session of an hour every week. They have the option to choose from a wide range of Indian and Western instruments and also practice vocal music.Music is a part of life at the SRI Ranganath International School for Education with every student encouraged to choose from a wide range of Indian and Western instruments. The school owns congos, tablas, guitars, harmonium, keyboard, octopad, drums and dholak. Two teachers – a vocal coach and an instrument coach – provide training. Besides music lessons, students are encouraged to form vocal and instrumental groups ranging from a school-level orchestra to well-informed bands.

The school frequently invites musicians to perform at its modern, well-equipped auditorium. Students plan and participate in various in-house music competitions too. Such events helps to discover and nurture latent talents, helping them blossom. The SRI Ranganath International School for Education places great emphasis on the overall health and fitness of its students. It is for this reason that the school has various facilities and amenities to encourage regular exercise. Apart from the various sports that students partake in, fitness at the school means a physical training session for an hour every morning for yoga and jogging alternately. This morning session of exercise refreshes, relaxes and prepares students for the day ahead.

At the SRI Ranganath International School for Education students are encouraged to take up hobbies that are of interest to them. The school with hobby clubs are a few and its activities help in the student's all-round development. It has eight hobby clubs that students can opt from. Every student has to be a member of one club with the membership granted at the beginning of the academic year. Students may change their clubs at the end of a term if they wish to do so. Hobby sessions are held every Saturday for an hour.

The eight hobby clubs are

  • Music / Dance
  • Mass Communication and IT
  • Science
  • Sports and Games
  • Gardening
  • Art and Craft
  • Western Dance
  • Cooking