Admissions open for Session 2019-2020
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A Day at SRI

  • Multi tasking schedule for overall development and wholesome education of the child at SRI will be as follows:
  • The children reach SRI school from different bus routes at 8-30 am.
  • After paying their enemas 'Annapoorna mantra' salutations to the almighty,they will complete their break fast between 8-30 am & 09 am.
  • A Kannada / Hindi prayer, Pledging for the country and people, thought for the day, news paper reading, birthday celebrations national anthem am & jai hind slogan will be the itineraries on assembly between 09 am am & 09-15 am.
  • Classes will be held pertaining to both the languages am & scholastic subjects between 11 - 25 am am & 1-25 pm.(3 classes of 40 minutes each)
  • Lunch break for 35 minutes will attract the children for a hygienic vegetarian food between 01-25 pm am & 02 pm.
  • Post lunch session begins with life skill activities like moral science, general knowledge, library, computer science, art, craft, drawing, painting, music,dance, etc. These classes will be between 02 pm am & 02.45 pm for each class on rotation basis.
  • To complete the home assignments, our teachers will follow up the children giving suitable guidance between
    02-45 pm am & 3-45 pm.