At the SRI Ranganath International School, the habit of healthy eating is inculcated at a young age. The school is considered to be among the best boarding school food providers serving nutritious and tasty meals. The dining hall – Maa Annapurna – is a separate building that is centrally located on campus. The dining hall has the capacity to accommodate over 500 students and staff. Apart from a large dining hall, the building also has a kitchen and a store room.

The kitchen serves the three main meals every day and also the daily three milk/tea and snacks to students and staff. Food is prepared under strict hygiene conditions and supervised by an experienced Mess Manager. The mess is managed by the chief Mess Superviser, Assistant Manager, three cooks and 40 other staff. The kitchen is equipped with latest technology that includes a deep freezer, water cooler, other cooking gadgets and bakery. The campus also has its own water purification plant.

The school is particular about not allowing outside food inside the campus.